Free Series is a jewelry line founded by designer and jeweler Marie-Pier Berrouard. Mostly self-taught, she was inspired by her grandfather who was also a professional jeweler. She create minimalist and stackable pieces in her Montreal-based light-filled studio.

Berrouard is inspired to create by contrasts. Feminine and masculine, what defines them and where they meet.The rough, the unfinished yet the delicate and highly polished. Inspired by her travels, especially the ones in New York, for its gutsiness and unapologetic style. 

We believe in buying better quality jewelry rather than disposable pieces. Because it's nicer to the people who make it, to the environment and to yourself. We commit to sourcing quality materials as close to home as possible. To always surround ourselves with talented, skilled and experienced people and support local businesses as much as we can. And we're just as much dedicated to doing so at every stage of production. From packaging, to reducing studio chemicals, to the finished products.

We want to make jewelry that resonates, with love and dedication put in every piece. Jewelry that you will wear day in and day out, over and over again and build a relationship with. Jewelry that will hold memories, be cherished and be passed on.

Each piece is handcrafted in Montreal.